Weddings During COVID-19 and Letting Love Conquer All

COVID-19 has obviously made things difficult, especially weddings. Weddings have been postponed or limited in size. However, I was lucky enough to experience two weddings overcoming COVID-19 restrictions first hand. These two couples truly showed what marriage is all about- letting love conquer all!

I have been blown away by how sentimental and purposeful my couples have been while they have triumphed planning a wedding during COVID-19. For 2 weeks now, Michigan has allowed gatherings of 10 or more people and will be allowing 100 person events outdoors soon. But, I cannot express or tell you enough how thankful my two couples were, how joyful they were and how many happy tears my two couples have shed on their wedding day. Their friends and families made them feel so special on their big day even with the limited number of attendees. Friends and family members have really stepped up!

Couples have made the most of the situation too! From personalized thank you gifts, to mailing preserved flower bouquets, corsages or boutonnieres, these couples have thrived and still had very purposeful weddings in light of everything that has happened.

These couples did just that! For their guests and family members that stayed home, one couple had a zoom streaming for their ceremony, first dance, champagne toasts and cake cutting. Then, they said their thank yous and goodbyes to the zoom guests. Without getting down that those guests could not join in person, they moved onto enjoying their dinner and evening! This same couple received surprises from their families and a family member, I believe it was an uncle, who mailed the couple glow sticks to have a glow stick light parade to send off the happy couple at the end of the evening. 

I can honestly say that COVID-19 has made these couples treasure the big moment of marriage even more. They didn’t get caught up in the big or small stresses that happen with a wedding. They let their family love and support them. Their families embraced them in having an intimate wedding and having a more we will do it ourselves approach. I was happily surprised by these two couples’ weddings overcoming COVID-19 and these unfortunate circumstances and letting love conquer all!

Florist | Fleurology Design
Photographer | Hey Sisters! Photography

Alyssa & Stephanie

June 30, 2020

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