Managing your Postponed Wedding


You’ve already postponed your wedding and you should NOT regret your decision.

Firstly, we have to acknowledge how hard this has been on you. This entire process has been heartbreaking and tragic and just plain awful to go through. You should not brush aside how difficult this has been, and once you’ve taken time to feel this, then feel like you can move ahead.

You have already navigated your way through postponing and contacting your vendors, your family, and your friends. You were being cautious under unknown circumstances and you made the right decision for you. If you’ve already done this work, we do not want your efforts to go to waste.

Now that you have postponed your wedding, how should you proceed? Your next step should be to look at what is happening in Michigan and understand that even though 100 person events are now able to happen, your wedding day would still have looked nothing like you originally envisioned. Don’t let this discourage you though! There are plenty of ways to work within the restrictions and still have your beautiful wedding day!

Here are few questions to consider when managing your postponed wedding:


You’ve already postponed your wedding and you should NOT regret your decision.

1. What are the restrictions on the current orders?

Outdoor events of 100 people or less are able to gather while following social distancing regulations.

Indoor event information is to be determined and has not been clarified on its regulations. However, some venues are writing to the Governor for clarification. For example, bars and restaurants are requesting to be at half capacity, but that classification is to be determined.

For further information, check here. This will be helpful as you continue planning!

2. How do you still have a party?

One option to consider is postponing the party until a later date. You can have your wedding ceremony and have a large celebration with your friends and family on a later date when restrictions are more relaxed. However, if you don’t want to postpone, there are more options, but your party will look slightly different than your original vision.

Dancing is going to look very different than what you anticipated! The couple’s first, parent’s first dance and all couple dancing will still happen throughout the evening, but many people are having to cancel the party. Many event companies are canceling dancing because most guests pack together on a 20ft x 20ft dance floor and aren’t able to stay 6 feet apart.

Drinks may have to be presented differently than anticipated. At your bar, it is a good idea to mark spaces for people to wait in line 6 feet from each other.

And lastly, food. Buffets will not be permitted during this time. For both beverages and food, they must be untouched and sanitized / unhandled by servers. Only to be touched or handled by the guest, so vendors cannot serve guests.

3. How will your reception actually look?

Your guests’ seating will need to be thoughtfully handled. We suggest sitting household families together. This includes mother, father, children or grandparents that they visit and assist regularly. This will allow you to seat them less than 6 feet apart since they are all exposed to each other daily.

Throughout the day, all attendees are to be socially distant and 6 feet apart, wearing masks and frequently sanitizing their hands. Consider providing easily accessible hand washing stations or hand sanitizer for your guests.


The Lux Bride wants to help you prepare for your wedding day in the midst of COVID-19.

The Lux Bride wants to help you prepare for your wedding day in the midst of COVID-19. These circumstances are so unpredictable and you will have to work around some restrictions, but you can make it work!

Alyssa & Stephanie

July 21, 2020

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