Latest COVID Regulations, Virtual Bridal Shows, & Fall Engagement Photos

Here are a few updates on our latest wedding podcast! This week, we discussed the latest Covid-19 Regulations and the newest Executive Order that will go into place October 9th and what all does this mean for Weddings? We also discussed Virtual Bridal Shows and how we think this process might look from both a vendor perspective and a couple’s perspective. Lastly, we discussed Fall Engagement Photos so you can get images that you will love with your Wedding Photographer!

To begin with, the latest Covid-19 Executive Order which can be viewed here, lays out a new way of adding additional guests for both indoor and outdoor events for most regions in Michigan while Regions 6 & 8 are still allowing more, this seems like a good sign for a majority of the lower part of the state. To view which regions of the state your wedding will be in, see our blog post here that lays out the regions and phases.

A few topics to look at:

  1. How will the weather be? If you have an outdoor tent, your capacity will change should your tent become enclosed on 3 sides instead of remaining open
  2. If you would like to be indoors, there are still regulations that could prevent more depending on square footage. Masks are also still required.
  3. Will this trend continue through the winter or is this only temporary?

Our next topic of the day was a Virtual Bridal Show that Alyssa will be hosted by Grand Rapids Bride. The event is called The West Michigan Virtual Wedding Affair, click here to view the event. We are looking forward to this as it’s the first we have seen here in Michigan. We have seen success with wedding venues being able to do virtual tours so this seems like a great option for couples to be able to find vendors like their photographer, videographer, florist, DJ, all from the comfort of their own home!

A Few Things to Pay Attention to:

  1. This event is free for couples which is great but because this is done virtually, we recommend to do your research beforehand to ensure that you’re meeting with vendors you like so when you hop into their Zoom room, you will be able to ask the questions you want to.
  2. This might mean that you are in a Zoom Room with multiple couples, please have patience as this is the first event of it’s kind, and there might be a bit of confusion while the kinks are worked out.
  3. Please share your own thoughts with us!

Lastly, it’s one of Michigan’s most beautiful times of the year because Fall is here! Here is a quick article that explains when you should see peak color depending on where you’re located in Michigan.

When it comes to getting those beautiful images, you will want to do a few things:

  1. You’re going to want to schedule with your photographer ASAP as it’s a really busy time of year for all photographers. You might want to schedule for a weekday instead of a weekend.
  2. Patterns in clothing are tough and can actually take away from your image! Stephanie knows you love plaid, it’s one of the staples of fall patterns but it can actually deter the focus away from the two of you and the fall colors. Instead, look at more neutral outfit options.
  3. Be ready to schedule for multiple days because the weather in Michigan is tough to predict!
  4. Bonus Adventures include Shanty Creek opening their chair lift for the general public during October! Click Here to Read more!
  5. Need your own inspiration, we created a Pinterest Board just for you! Click Here to View!
  6. Also check out Rent the Runway for outfits that you don’t have to buy!

Those were some of the main topics that we shared on this version of The Lux Bride’s latest wedding podcast, what other topics would you like to hear about? Please comment below!

Latest Wedding Podcast Covid-19 and Weddings in Michivgan

September 30, 2020

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