Virtual bridal show + Covid’s Latest + Weather on Your Wedding Day!

This week on The Lux Bride, we are recapping how the first Virtual Bridal Show went, going over what the Michigan Supreme Court Ruling was and what that means for your wedding day (as in, are facemasks required still), and lastly, we are discussing how to work with the weather on your wedding in October.

Grand Rapids Bride’s First Virtual Bridal Show

With over 400 signed up engaged couples, many of them signed up and was present online for the 1st ever show! It was great talking with couples needing wedding assistance and relief that so many 2021 brides + grooms are trying to get ahead of their wedding plans because of limited availability. And we will tell you that we are here for those extra organized and trusting couples!

Covid in Review-

Can we all say that we have 2020 in our hindsight, with only a few months left of this year. Every month and sometimes every week we have new information, regulations and mandates. We wanted you to know that since last week, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled against our Governor’s regulation as the executive decision maker during the pandemic. Whilst this has changed due to two different laws , one in the 1940’s and one in the 1960’s of what was mandated. So many are claiming let’s go back to regular , but that simply is not realistic or going to happen… covid is not going away just because you want it too, that’s not how this works. 

After 21 days from the court hearing, the Governor simply needs to have the legislation support and can still give mandates and new orders. Also, during this time we still need to refer to the MDHHS who has issued their regulations and it is exactly in par with our latest executive order. So don’t switch gears to fast because not very much is changing at this point. 

Weather + Weddings-

Our mantra with outdoor happenings is, ” Prepare for the worst, and hope for the best!” Because if you are prepared for mother nature to be uncooperative then nothing can disturb or take away joy from your wedding day because you were prepared for it!  

You need to create a Plan A – which is the most beautiful day outdoors and how you want your wedding or event day to go! And a Plan B – which is if the weather was not cooperative. Then discuss at what time you need to choose a plan and stick with it for better or worse and to still be happy with your decision regardless! 

That’s all for this week! As usual, if you have anything you would like us to talk about or specific questions that we could help with, just contact us! Talk to you next week!


October 8, 2020

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