Wedding Horror Stories

This week on The Lux Bride, we decided to go along with the spooky theme of Halloween and we are sharing a few of our Wedding Horror Stories with you! With all of these, please do keep in mind that sometimes certain things are out of your control while at others, it’s all about setting boundaries and hiring the right wedding vendors.

Stephanie starts out with a confusing interaction with a drunken wedding guest who wanted to dance but didn’t understand that people were trying to set up a slideshow on the dance floor. She leaves it open to you to decide what the intention was.

Alyssa then talks about a very real situation that many 2020 couples have had to deal with when it comes to Covid-19. Her wedding horror story involves a wedding venue that shut down all together due to various covid-19 regulations. Then, their officiant couldn’t make it and well… you’ll have to hear how this went for the couple in the video!

Stephanie then chats about a variety of DJ experiences because they can truly make or break your wedding reception experience and add to the horror stories that so many couples have when it comes to this particular vendor.

Alyssa then gets personal with a horror story from her own wedding where her brother ended up in the hospital. Just FYI, he is totally fine and healthy now but she had to try to figure out if she was going to still have her wedding, what she was going to do when 150 guests showed up, and the possibility of her brother needing emergency surgery. This is a true thriller story.

As we go through these stories, we are reminded that 2020 has been an intensely crazy year however, hopefully, one of these stories does not happen to you. Or, if something does happen, you can have the right people around you to make your wedding day come together so it can still be one of the happiest days of your life.

Also, if any of our vendor friends want to share a few of their own experiences, we would be happy to hear them! Please share below or when you see us post this to our Instagram!

wedding horror story

October 30, 2020

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