How To Book Your Wedding Vendors

Today we are talking about, how to book your wedding vendors! Learn all about what steps it takes, what to realistically expect with vendors and remember, don’t just email 10 vendors per category, we will help you find an organized way to focus on key vendors and not waste your time, just talking to everyone.

Research + Investigate

Do your Homework! I’m talking about thoroughly researching your potential vendors, to the level of borderline stalking their social media accounts and website. What are the posting on their stories, feed, blogs or websites? Are they showing up consistently or when they do show up do they bring value or helpful insight? Does their website already have information to help you learn more or do they outline their process so you understand the process of booking.

Reach Out to Them

DO your homework before taking this next step! We truly mean this, don’t ask silly questions if the information is already given, shared or listed on their website for you to receive. When you do reach out to any of your vendors to learn about booking with them, reach out in the form they share or give on their contact us or inquiry page. So inquire through their website or via phone. Some efficient vendors have an automated client management system and may prefer online contact to get the information they need and to keep things organized, trust us when we say… This is a huge benefit to you! If you are one of 100’s of inquiries, organization is essential for a good experience for everyone!

Pricing & Questionnaire Forms

Don’t be surprised or taken back when or if your potential vendors ask for more information or details. Trust us when we say, they are asking for more information to learn more about you, your wedding day and to make sure you are a good fit for each other. The fact that they care should excite and not frustrate you! So often, we hear couples that just want instant information, but weddings are very personal and the vendors who treat it so, should be of value to you and not taken off your list.

Time to Schedule a Consultation

Book a time for your consultation, schedule a 1 on 1 or as I like to call it, a meet and greet! Your consultation is a time to get to know your possible vendor, learn their process and understand what expectations can be met. Be sure to show up to your meeting or stay in communication, it’s not kind to be that person that ghosts. 

Ask Questions at Consultation

Do you know all the aspects of what you should or need to be asking your vendors? It is important for you to know that they are experienced, have expertise, are professional, have a contract and you will want to get more specific from there with each and every vendor to ensure you know the value of what you are paying for.  Not sure what to ask? No problem! We have a “Questions for Consultations” guide sheet available for purchase for you to have printable pages to use to take notes, observations / comparisons and a list of all the important factors that help you decide if you want to book them as your wedding vendors. These questions and factors are important for you to ask every vendor. We at The Lux Bride, already done the work of collecting and sharing what real planners ask and made this for you to purchase at an affordable price! 

Follow Through + Booking

Last but not least, be sure to follow up with that vendor and communicate any further questions, hesitations or thank them for their time but you went an alternative route. Don’t just ghost them, because good vendors will reach out and check in with you and it’s important to have the closure that you’ve booked elsewhere. It may be odd, but can be helpful for vendors to hear and learn why you decided an alternative route. Usually it just comes down to money, but that’s important to share too. If you have decided you want to book with that vendor, be sure to fill out your contract properly, make your deposit, receive a confirmation from the vendor and their returned signature on your contract!

We hope this breakdown was helpful and educational for you to now be confident in how to book your wedding vendors. If you need further assistance in prioritizing vendors, we have a fun and free worksheet for you and your partner to participate in to see what vendors are most important to you two!

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February 9, 2021

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