Bad Weather +Covid Wedding Planning

How many plans do you need for your wedding and what should you be planning for? What all do you need to consider when bad weather + covid wedding planning.

2020 Showed us the importance of a backup plan. How to make one and how many plans should you have? Maybe a Plan A, B and C are in order to have nowadays.

Today, Alyssa and Stephanie are breaking down what factors you should be thinking of, what different backup wedding plans look like, and we include at least one example of an actual wedding that used Covid Regulations through and through while still having their dream wedding day.

What General Factors Do You Consider for Back Up Planning?

  • Inside vs Outside Ceremony location, Cocktail Hour Location, and potentially even a Reception location
  • Bad weather might mean that you need to go inside or rent a tent. You should be prepared for this before your wedding day itself in case you do have weather issues.
  • Covid needs to be taken into account and keep in mind that regulations might change but the trend has been that more people will be able to be outside rather than inside. 

From here, let’s break down how each plan should look.

Plan A –  Your Dream Wedding

What your dream day is like. If everything were to align with no issue of weather, Covid, etc. What would it look like? This is what we are comparing every other wedding plan option to so feel free to go all out for this one!

Plan B – Weather Factors

Rain, Tornadoes, Snow oh my! These are the factors based primarily on the time of year, the lack of consistency in Michigan’s weather, and again, it’s just the best decision to have this backup plan regardless of Covid or not.

We recommend that you will be getting married outside, you need to have an indoor option that you actually love. However, here are some items that you might want to check into based on what weather factors your wedding might see.



Covered Structures


High Winds



Plan C –  Covid Contingency

For the latest Michigan State Regulations on Covid. Click Here and look under Social Gathering. You will also need to contact your venue about what regulations they have.

We also recommend an option that is not our favorite because we know it’s difficult but there is the option for making an A and B list for whom you will invite to your wedding. This way you can ensure that those that are invited know who they are and others on the B list do not have hard feelings when Covid Regulations continue to change.

For the B List, you could say something like: “please stay tuned for either a Formal Invitation with ceremony location or a link to our Zoom ceremony. Please stay updated on our website.”

The bigger items to look at, which we discuss in the video above are table spacing, the number of tables needed, and other options for Covid related items like sanitizer and social distancing that would help to keep your guests feeling safe and taken care of.

Plan D Weather + Covid Back-Up Plan Weather + Covid

Hopefully this has you down the right path of preparedness and that you now have an idea or a plan devised to protect yourselves from bad weather + covid wedding planning.

February 24, 2021

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