10 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

Today we are doing a countdown of the 10 ways to save money on your wedding day! The cost of a wedding sure can add up! Have you weighed the options of what is really important or needed for a wedding day and can you cut out on expenses?

10. Wedding/Bridal Party Gifts

Ladies Gifts hair , makeup salon experience to pamper them, or jewelry items they can remember and use for your wedding day and have afterwards.

Gents Gifts ties, socks, mini beverage kit, drinking glass something they could re-use or genuinely would want.

9. Rent vs Buying Wedding Attire

Suits/ Tuxes – don’t underestimate the power of renting, simple, easy and more affordable option for gents. 

Dresses- Sometimes an option, but if you can’t rent then consider re-sale once you’ve used your wedding attire.

two options for suit rental for groom

8. What can be Repurposed? Ceremony Decor

Be realistic in timing and logistics! But focal designs, aisle decor and even your arbor can be used and enjoyed in the reception decor aspects. From placing a moveable arbor behind a head table, to laying designs along a head table, dessert table, to the side of signs as an added accent with aisle decor. 

7. Appetizer/Cocktail Hour

Never underestimate the power of a charcuterie board! Any dishes that have to be passed around or chilled / kept on ice will have a higher cost and additional staff labor for it.

charcuterie board at wedding

6. Minimize Printing / Paper Goods

Get rid of programs + Menus, Don’t over do it on invitations! The more items you include the heavier the envelope and more the stamps you will need which adds up!

5. Renting Decor

Opt for renting candle lighting, adding fresh greenery and go minimal for florals if you want that Pinterest wedding but have a tight budget.

pink and gold centerpiece at wedding reception

4. Wedding Favors

Unless it’s edible or part of decor/experience just get rid of these. 100 koozies with your name + wedding date isn’t necessary for all to use and have. But a sweet treat or cute little plant is something everyone could use in their life!

3. Dinner – Plated vs. Buffet – Yes there is a difference!

Plated – Cost arrives on premium selection of specialty custom menu items to the added labor costs of having a larger wait staff team to service guests.

Buffet – While you can save on staff, this option creates a lot of over ordering of food, so Food waste is a big thing that occurs with buffets.

tropical meal option at wedding with chicken

2. Don’t Overestimate Alcohol Costs!

Liquor vs. Beer + Wine – Liquor will always cost more than beer and wine! Also, consider top shelf or house liquor that is more affordable but a lower selection/grade of liquor. Beer cost differences are imported vs domestic and wine is house wines vs. premium brands. Champagne will be the most!

Want the best of both? Select domestic beer + wine options and add 1 or 2 specialty couples drinks to minimize liquor costs and needing a full bar service. 

Consumption vs. Pay per person

Always pay based on what is actually consumed! You may think it will be a lot but usually this option is the most affordable and you are actually paying for what you got. Paying per person, means any grandparents, child and every single attendee is charged a set rate for alcohol even if they aren’t able to use, drink or won’t plan on consuming anyways.

Click Here to Find an alcohol calculator!

1. Guest Count

That’s right! Overall, you can save costs on almost all of the items we’ve listed by minimizing your guest count! Yes that includes the count of kiddos too, because they cost the same as an adult!

We hope this has given you some insight on how you can save some money and what actions you can take now as we have shared, the 10 ways to save money on your wedding day!

couple cheer after getting married on the beach

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10 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

March 4, 2021

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