How to Send Out Wedding Invitations

Why do you need wedding invitations? Invitations are necessary to inform guests they are invited to your wedding day! Also to get them All the details they need to be prepared to fully enjoy your wedding day! So we will be sharing all that you need to know on how to send out wedding invitations.

Who do you send them to?

Create a list of immediate friends, family and even bridal party members you send 1 invite out per family / household unit / group. For example, your aunt, uncle + 2 cousins that live at home all get 1 invite and all of their names are listed or addressed to “their last name” Family. Most of your invites will probably be 2 people, but sometimes 3, 4 or more people. Then create a B list with more distant family, co-workers or distant friends you may want to invite, but might not invite right away for guest count purposes. Send those out once you start getting cancellations or not able to attend responses. 

Pro Tip – if you have 100 guests , you may only need 50 invites, but always order 10- 20 extras. Hopefully this is a big help with the beginning of all that you need to know, on how to send out wedding invitations.

What do you put on them?

  • Date 
  • Time 
  • Ceremony location
  • Reception location
  • Couples first + last names
  • Wedding website to get all other details from and even rsvp electronically!
  • Note when RSVP’s need to be sent by! Usually this is 45-30 days before your wedding date so you can accommodate proper guest seating + meals, etc.

What else to include with an invite?

Additional things you should probably include with the wedding invites are –

  • Itinerary or info on back of invite or as an additional insert in envelope.
  • RSVP cards 
    •  Either address specific names – prewritten on rsvp card.
    • Ask them to enter quantity or Check yes or no for attending.
    • Ask them to enter quantity or check Entree options / selections.
    • Extra area- asking to note any food allergy / restrictions – They need to note this ahead of time to be properly accommodated.

Where do you print them out?

Some places we’ve found to be great to have them designed or printed are the following-

Find a custom calligrapher and/or designer

Other Big Places Included: 

  • Minted
  • Zola
  • Paper Culture
  • Vistaprint
  • FedEx (For Printing)
  • Alternative to printing-would be sending some out digitally.
    • Especially international or even cross-country so they have time to plan things out more and you won’t need to worry about things getting lost in the mail.
    • This is also one of our 10 Ways to Save Money for your wedding. It might just be very expensive to print and you could save money on stamps. 

When do you need to send them out?

Order them 4-5 months prior to your wedding day. Don’t wait till the last minute! Prep and fill the envelopes with every invite, rsvp or added info page into your envelope. Best suggestion is to create a little process line where 1 of everything gets put in every envelope at once, to easily keep track of all the finished stuffed invites. Then send them out 3-3.5 months before your wedding date if you’ve already sent a save the date to everyone. If you didn’t send out a save the date, send the invitation immediately so they know what your date is.

How to Send Out Wedding Invitations?

Take 1 filled and finished invite suite in the envelope to the post office, get it weighed by the post office so you know how much postage is needed per envelope. Then buy enough stamps for all of your invites.  Stamp them all over a week or 2 weeks time then send them out, again be sure it is 3-4 months before your actual wedding date.

We hope that answers any and all questions you may have about how to send out wedding invitations! Hope you enjoyed our life vlog on how we approach invitations!

March 31, 2021

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