Answering Real Wedding Questions

We asked + you answered! Thank you for sharing questions from Social Media like those Facebook Bridal groups or just straight up messaging us, and as professionals, we address answering real wedding questions that you had for us! Both Alyssa and I were pleasantly surprised by some of these questions and they challenged us in the best way. Should you ever have any questions of your own, please comment below or contact us!

1. Would love to do an Unplugged Ceremony but I know that some family members (like my future mother-in-law) wouldn’t listen. Do you have any advice for that? 

Starting this off tricky! Obviously this is a bit of a sentive issue where we want to be respectful or all parties but it can often feel like a parent might not be respecting your wishes for your wedding. Here are a few things we recommend:

Alyssa – In general for an Unplugged Ceremony, having some type of signage is great. The photo example below from Letting by EK is a great example because the words “Unplugged Ceremony” are large and very visible. Click Here to see it on Lettering by EK’s Etsy Store.

Another option is to have a collection spot for phone like a basket. This might not be Covid Friendly but keep it in mind for an option.

Stephanie – Have a conversation directly with them. Tell them why it’s so important and remind them that they are the reference for every other guest as well because they are in the front row and visibal to everyone no matter how much they think they can hide things.

Also, use the expense of your photographer as an excuse. We cost a lot! Remind them that you’ve hired a professional to capture these photos and you want them and you to look your best in photos!

2. I really want an Unplugged Ceremony but my fiance doesn’t really care. How can I explain to him how much it means to me? I don’t want to see cell phones in all of my pictures.

Alyssa – If they don’t seem to have a preference, do it! There are 3 times we recommend for you to have a successful Unplugged Ceremony.

  1. Have it on your website and/or on your wedding invitations
  2. Have a Big Sign like the one above so all guests can see it before they are seated for the ceremony
  3. Have your officiant make an announcement before anyone walks down the aisle

Chat with your Fiance about what they might or might not be comfortable with out of these options and then go for it!

Stephanie – Along those same lines, have a conversation with them about why it’s important to you but if they don’t have a preference, then we say do it!

3. Is there a way you can avoid having everyone post their own photos to social media before we do as a couple?

Stephanie – Unfortunately, no, there really isn’t. BUT I do think that having specific moments for just yourself can be great! Here are 4 ways I can think of that might help you feel more in control about what images are being shared.

  • This is why having an Unplugged Ceremony can be so wonderful because just you will have those photos to post.
  • Have a First Look so that reaction from you both is completely private and no one else can post those images.
  • Ask your wedding party to not post photos until the next day from the getting ready process. This way no one might accidentally see you before the ceremony.
  • Lastly, take control of your Tagging Features on Facebook and Instagram.
    • You can place controls there so that people cannot tag you at all or you have to approve tags. This way, just because one person might post about it, not everyone will everything until you decide to post.

4. I told my mom that some of our vendors have said we will need to provide them with dinner. Her response was: “I bring my lunch to my job, they can’t bring their own food?” What do I do? 

Alyssa – Wow. Ultimately with answering real wedding questions, we never truly knew what to expect so this one was surprising. I think the best way to go about answering this is to remind all couples to take care of those that are taking care of you on the of the most stressful, chaotic, but best days of your life.

Stephanie – I would like to add that you might also be surprised to know that more and more vendors contracts are including that they need to be provided with a meal. This includes your photographer, videographer, DJ, and Coordinator or Planner. check your contracts to see which vendors include this or not.

Food Made by Catered Creations, Inc

5. Should we be assigning a specific vendor table at dinner? Do we include them in the overall seating chart?

Alyssa – I love this question! Firstly, the answer is probably not. Coordinators can include them in the overall seating chart but not in any type of signage or something like that. You do not need to spend money on us. Likewise, putting us in a corner and back of the room is preferred.

Also, do not feel the need to add decor like you would to everyone else’s table.

Stephanie – Yes! I agree 100% with Alyssa. Having space in a corner is also great for storage for all of our equipment that will be completely out of the way.

6. My future husband is not very emotional. How do I tell him that I’d like a sweet/emotional reaction without making it seem forced? 

Alyssa – Sometimes we need to remember that there is already so much stress happening on a wedding day that we cannot control. Sometimes that means that no reaction might be the reaction that you get and that’s ok.

Stephanie – Agreed. Also, this might be a great time for a First Look because if they don’t like showing emotion in front of others, there’s a much higher chance they will show emotion without all of the eyes of everyone else from the ceremony on them.

That’s all for today! If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask us!

April 7, 2021

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