The Latest CDC Regulations & Your Michigan Wedding

The Latest CDC Regulations and how these affect your Michigan Wedding… let’s dive right in because we know that there is some confusion and that’s the last thing we want for your wedding day. As you have seen by now, the CDC has stated that Fully Vaccinated people, meaning that you are 2 weeks past your second shot (Pfizer or Moderna, 1 shot for Johnson & Johnson) do not need to wear facemasks in most situations. However, what, if anything, will that mean for your wedding day?

Today we are putting together the three biggest points that we found while looking through the CDC website, the Michigan Health Department, and of course, other articles that summarized the information well. We understand that this situation can seem difficult to understand and while we know that the CDC and Michigan is following the science, we also know that this might not make sense with what you can actually do.

As we go through these three points, please keep in mind that these are what we are seeing, what we have put together based on the information currently available.


1. This doesn’t really change a lot

Businesses (like wedding venues) can still require the wearing of Face masks and capacity limits are still the same here in Michigan. But here is a look at what is affect by the latest CDC Regulations.


What does change: Indoor face mask requirement

Please see the latest on Click Here to read the latest article from Mat 15, 2021.

  1. Except as specified in section 7, all persons participating in indoor gatherings are required to wear a face mask.
  2. A person responsible for an establishment, or an agent of such person, must prohibit gatherings of any kind at their establishment unless the person makes a good faith effort to ensure that all persons at their establishment (including employees) comply with section 6(a). For purposes of this section, a “good faith effort” may include any of the following: posting a sign notifying people that wearing a mask is required unless a person falls into a specified exception; asking patrons not wearing masks whether they fall into a specified exception; requiring face masks of all patrons and employees; or any other policy designed to ensure compliance with section 6(a).


This is what doesn’t change: General capacity limitations at gatherings

  1. Indoor gatherings:
      1. Are prohibited at residential venues, except where no more than 15 persons from no more than 3 households are gathered.
      2. Are prohibited at non-residential venues, except where no more than 25 persons are gathered.
    1. Outdoor gatherings are permitted only as follows:
      1. At residential venues, where 50 persons are gathered. Or, where density does not exceed 20 persons per 1,000 square feet of outdoor space, up to 300 persons may be gathered;
      2. At non-residential venues, where 300 or fewer persons are gathered.
    2. As a condition of hosting a gathering under this order, organizers and facilities must design the gathering to encourage and maintain physical distancing, and must ensure that persons not part of the same group maintain 6 feet of distance from one another to the extent possible.


Again, this click here to see the latest updates and regulations from the website posted on May 15, 2021.

2. Speak with Your Wedding Venue(s) about what are their mandates


What questions should you be asking your venue?

  1. What Masks Mandate are they going to require after the latest CDC Regulations?
    • Are they just having all guests wear masks without any change?
      • Indoors. Wearing masks
      • Outdoors. Unvaccinated wear masks, vaccinated, don’t need to.
  2. Are they doing Contract Tracing/Should You be getting information for them and what information would they want.
    • Primarily affects that have a Food or Liquor License
    • What exact information do they need?
      • In accordance with Restaurants? Name, Phone, and maybe Email?
  3. Is anything changing for Social Distancing with floor plans, dancing, etc?


Here are a few highlights latest from a Detroit Free Press Article Posted May 15, 2021.

  • The latest CDC Regulations are guidance — not a mandate — and it’s up to states whether to adhere to them.
  • The new mandate requires businesses, offices, schools, organized events “or other operation(s)” to prohibit indoor gatherings unless there is a “good faith effort” to ensure everyone, including employees, comply with the mandate. 
  • Private businesses can still decide that they want to keep the mask requirements in place; they’re still permitted to do that” even for fully vaccinated people.

3. Communicate with Your Guests

  1. Update Your Wedding Website with Information and direct as many people there as you can for ease
  2. Sent Out Individual Texts/Phone calls as needed
  3. Be Prepared for Contract Tracing Needs. We recommend you just start to make your life easier
    1. this is for ANY food or beverage vendors. I.e. catering, alcohol, food trucks, etc.)

As always, if you ever have a question, or you would like to add some more information, please contact us! We hope that this has brought some clairity to the latest CDC Regulations and how that affects your Michigan Wedding right now.

May 19, 2021

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